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ready to reset
ready to hit the reset button?
1 /
Do you feel tired or lacking energy?
2 /
Are you "so over" following yes/no lists?
3 /
Do you want to enjoy more nourishing, easy meals?
4 /
Are you curious how just 28 days can change the foods you crave?
5 /
Do you want done-for-you meal prep guides and shopping lists?
6 /
Are you ready to go from feeling good to feeling great?
if so, the #HGGRESET is for you!

The HGG Reset is exactly how we eat when we want to feel our best. It’s a four week focus on nourishing your body with foods that work in your favor, while stripping back what weighs you down. There aren’t any “yes/no” lists, but we’ve intentionally designed this program to help you establish a new, sustainable eating pattern with healthy, satisfying food that tastes as good as it makes you feel!

After spending the last few years getting increasingly comfortable in the kitchen and experimenting with new foods and flavor combinations, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a healthy, satisfying meal. We are now more in tune with how different foods make us feel, and this has shaped our food philosophies and the recipes we create. The HGG Reset is a culmination of years of self-discovery! It’s exactly how we eat when we want to feel our best.

The goal of the HGG Reset is to help you get from feeling good to feeling great. That’s what “reset” means to us - it’s about enjoying uncomplicated, delicious recipes that honor your body’s nutritional needs while satisfying your taste and hunger cues. By the end of this program, you will crave wholesome, nourishing foods and get in a good rhythm of meal planning and prepping that you can implement in your everyday life.

three program pillars
pack in more plants
Pile your plate with produce to get needed nutrients and plenty of filling fiber.
focus on functionality
Include foods that ease your digestion and help fight inflammation.
enjoy cooking and mealtime
Get back in the kitchen to prepare real, whole foods and relax into cooking as a form of self-care!
real reviews

“I love their meal plans. I tend to make plain, bland food and then get bored easily. Their meals are always delicious and filled with flavor!”


"I always have good intentions to plan out my weekly meals and workouts, but between school, work and a social life it doesn't always happen. I'm so grateful for the programs Monique and Lee have created for girls like me who are busy but still want to prioritize good food and fitness!"

comforting nutrition
satisfying everyday meals
Simple fiber, whole food carb and protein-packed meals with healing, antioxidant-rich spices. You'll get plenty of greens in and ease back from overly relying on grains or flours.
naturally sweetened treats
Desserts sweetened with only honey, dried or fresh fruit and powerful add-ins like chia, flaxseed meal, shredded veggies and chopped nuts.
easy how to's
Step-by-step instructions for meal planning and prepping twice a week with our favorite how-to's for making pantry and recipe staples at home.
I'm ready to reset!
why HGG Reset?

We like to think of it as choosing “foods that work in your favor”. It’s about including more of these, rather than focusing on what to remove like many resets, “detoxes,” or diet programs. Each week, you’ll have a new meal plan packed with recipes we created exclusively for this 4-week program, which we specifically designed to help you go from feeling good to feeling great. For best results, we encourage you to try and follow the Reset as it’s written! We also share how to build “reset-friendly” meals on your own by including complex carbohydrates, lean protein, healthy fats and fiber from fresh produce.

Start the #HGGRESET
what’s included
Four week meal plan intentionally designed to help you feel amazing
60+ brand new reset-friendly recipes with an emphasis on naturally gluten free, dairy free and plant-based
Ready-to-use grocery shopping lists and meal prep strategies to save you time and money
Shoppable pantry staples and kitchen essentials lists
Bonus snack ideas and simple how-to's to honor your hunger
Weekly journal to set an intention and reflect on each week

Plus, join our Facebook community to interact with others following the Reset!

I’m ready to #HGGRESET!
The single best strategy we use to save time, money and make sure we have good food on hand is meal prep.

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