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need a fresh new fitness routine?
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Do you crave variety and challenge in your workouts?
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Are you tired of DIYing it without a concrete plan?
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Do you want to get more results in less time?
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Are you looking for a reputable program created by a personal trainer?
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Do you need a flexible plan that fits your busy schedule?
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Are you ready for motivation and support to help you follow through?
if so, our incredible fitness programs are for you!
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6-Week Workout Plans

We’ve created two done-for-you plans that will challenge your mind and body to help you bust through fitness plateaus. Whether you need something on-the-go or at the gym, we’ve got you covered! Simply assess your personal fitness goals to determine if HGG FIT or HGG STRONG is the right program for you.

If you have reached a plateau in your training, it often means you need some variety! We partnered with certified personal trainers to help us design interesting and diverse plans that will keep your body guessing. Compared to other popular workout programs out there, our varied formats ensure you’ll never get bored and you'll feel leaner and stronger in both mind and body in just 6 weeks.

Plus, do away with exercise guilt. We know it's about doing the most with your time rather than spending more time working out. That's why we provide balanced 3 and 5 day a week schedule options so you can customize your experience and use our programs on their own or complement them with other workouts you love, like a studio class, yoga or training for a race. HGG FIT and HGG STRONG will motivate you, challenge your body and change your mindset about exercise.

bodyweight workouts
Tap into a variety of strength, cardio and stability moves to build your endurance with minimal equipment required.
total body focus
Attack your entire body from every angle, with a total body focus in each workout for maximum efficiency.
perfect on the go
Enjoy 30 to 45 minute workouts that can be done at home or on the go - perfect for busy lifestyles!
real reviews

"These programs are perfect for busy folks who want an incredible workout. The sample plan templates make it so easy to follow, especially while still attending other fitness classes or training for a race. The workouts themselves are intense without pushing you beyond exhaustion and are legitimately fun! I was searching for a plan to help me refocus on strength, and this was the perfect choice."

- Kay, Lincoln, NE

“In only 6 weeks, I have made so much progress! The most exciting thing for me is the noticeable difference in my strength. These kinds of changes are exactly what this community is about: not focusing on aesthetics but on feeling strong, capable, and healthy from the inside out. I genuinely look forward to doing the workouts because they're fun, challenging, and no two days are the same. It's truly an amazing program!"

- Chloe, Toronto, ON
strength-based workouts
Sculpt and reshape your body while enjoying the benefits of resistance training, such as boosted metabolism.
total body splits
Target your upper body, lower body, cardio + core on different days to simultaneously build strength and endurance.
perfect for gym-goers
Use a combination of your own body weight, free weights and stability tools to amp up your workload and your results!
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challenge your mind and body

Each of our fitness programs offers 18 brand new workouts, so you’ll never get bored. Plus there are tons of ways to create new challenges (faster time, heavier weight, advanced modifications) to continue improving your physical fitness so you can complete each program multiple times while still progressing. Our plans are perfect for anyone who is ready for a change and is seeking expert guidance!

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what’s included
Full 6 weeks of programming with 18 brand new workouts designed by a personal trainer
Balanced strength and cardio focus with varied formats so you never get bored
Targeted exercises that can be completed in 45 minutes or less
Modifications for both beginner and advanced participants
Written descriptions, photo and video demonstrations of every move
Customizable experience or easy-to-follow 3 and 5-day a week schedules so you always know what’s next

Plus, join a community of women who want to prioritize their health and fitness without it becoming an obsession.

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