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all about us
Hi, we’re Monique and Lee, the founders of Ambitious Kitchen and Fit Foodie Finds. We’d like to welcome you to the Healthy Glow Collective!
we know what it’s like
To be “on again, off again” with your food and fitness.
To be hungry all the time because you’re not getting enough food or avoiding too many things.
To overexercise
To obsess over every detail of your health and wellness, from counting and tracking every bite to every calorie burned.
To exclude yourself from or feel anxious in social situations that don’t “fit” your plan.
To desire a better relationship with your body but no idea how to get there.
our philosophy is about balance

Hello! We’re so glad you’re here. It’s our mission to help you develop a trusting relationship with your body, find joy in food and fitness, break free from guilt or restriction and connect with like-minded women over shared experiences.

Our food and fitness philosophy is all about balance.

It’s about learning the tools to meal plan and prep so you have protein and veggie-packed meals ready to go, trying new workouts and taking care of your body.

It’s about being more flexible and getting rid of the guilt associated with enjoying homemade treats, taking a rest day or going out with friends.

It’s about feeling more free in social situations whether it’s a restaurant, work event or traveling because you realize there is no “all or nothing” when it comes to a healthy mind and body.

We know that so many women struggle in silence while trying to find a balance between fitness, food and health because we've been there too. That’s why we focus on what to add to your life rather than take away.

We advocate for deliciously satisfying meals made from everyday ingredients, occasional treats made to help you feel as good as they taste, staying active in ways you enjoy, and finding time to take care of YOU because you want to, not because you think you have to.

The Healthy Glow Collective is a mindset and a lifestyle designed to help you look and feel your best on your own terms.

We can’t wait for you to explore all that’s available to you within this supportive community.

Welcome home!

monique + lee
meet the team
We’ve combined our talents with other experts in the health and fitness industry to create the best possible experience from workouts that are both efficient and effective to meal plans that are nutritionally balanced, and everything in between.
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The single best strategy we use to save time, money and make sure we have good food on hand is meal prep.

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