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HGG Reset Protocol: How and Why We Developed this Program

by Healthy Glow Co.

We’ve been getting so many questions about how to decide which of our food and nutrition programs is right for you, that we decided to dive deep into the how and the why behind the creation of our HGG Reset.

The first thing you should know is that the foundation of our programs are the same – to help make healthy eating easier. No matter which program you choose, you’ll get a ready-to-use meal plan, brand new recipe library and shopping list to lighten the load of weekly meal planning and prepping.

HGG Reset Protocol

All of our recipes are incredibly delicious and healthy, but we kept a certain “protocol” in mind when we developed the HGG Reset to make this meal plan as nourishing as possible. Our goal was to incorporate foods and ingredients we don’t always get enough of and to balance our daily menus without overly relying on one food group. We also wanted to use foods with anti-inflammatory properties and that can help combat bloating to help you feel your best.

Think of this as taking our already healthy meal plans and kicking them up a notch! 

HGG Reset Protocol

  • PRODUCE: Emphasis on produce and nutrient-packed leafy greens to keep you fuller longer. Your grocery cart will be absolutely packed with fruits and veggies on this plan!
  • PROTEIN: Lean flexitarian protein sources (fish, chicken/turkey, eggs) and (lentils, beans). We chose not to include cured meats or soy products on this plan to keep sodium and allergens/intolerances in check.
  • CARBS: Complex carbohydrates in the form of naturally gluten-free grains (rice, quinoa, GF oats) and starchy vegetables (squash, potatoes). We limited grain servings to 1 per day and avoided the use of processed grain products such as pastas, breads, tortillas and wraps.
  • SUGAR: Refined sugar-free, using only minimal amounts of honey, dates, and fruit to lightly sweeten our daily treats.
  • FAT: Used avocado or coconut oil for higher heat cooking processes and olive oil only to finish cold dishes.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Included fermented foods, such as kefir, and other boosts like chia and nutritional yeast to pack in even more nutrition. We also focused on full-fat dairy when included and lower lactose, hard cheeses to aid digestion.

stir fry top down

Stack of Freezer Fudge

As you can see, there is a lot of intention that went into developing not only the individual recipes in the HGG Reset but in the daily meal plans to balance your nutrition. By following this plan, we’ll be nudging you in the direction of eating a supremely healthy meal plan without feeling bound by yes/no lists or feeling like this is something you follow and then give up when it’s over. In fact, you can use any of these principles to design your own “Reset-friendly” meal plans to keep the energy up long after 4 weeks!

Ready to get started? Grab your copy of the HGG Reset and let’s get cooking!

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