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Introducing HGG Reset!

by Healthy Glow Co.

After spending the last few years getting increasingly comfortable in the kitchen and experimenting with new foods and flavor combinations, we’ve learned quite a few things about what makes a healthy, satisfying meal. While we both struggled with balance with our food and fitness habits for years, we’ve finally arrived at a place of health and balance, and it all starts with food. The HGG Reset is a culmination of years of self-discovery! It’s exactly how we eat when we want to feel our best. 


4 week meal program with over 60 gluten free and mostly dairy free recipes to help you go from feeling good to feeling great.

About HGG Reset

Our bodies crave nourishment and sustenance and preparing high-quality food at home is one of the best ways we know how to honor those cravings. After an indulgent and wonderful holiday season, we’re feeling inspired to get back in our own kitchens and be inspired by flavorful, nutritious and satisfying foods. The HGG Reset is different than our other meal plans in that it emphasizes what we like to call “foods that work in your favor.”

We’ve stripped away unnecessary ingredients and created totally new menus that are abundant in produce, whole food carbohydrates, healthy fats and satiating protein with the added benefit of some of our favorite probiotic and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Don’t worry, we’ve even included naturally sweetened treats! All of our recipes are naturally gluten-free and most can be made dairy free, with tons of vegetarian options as well.

Unlike other “detox” programs on the market, HGG Reset focuses on including more of the good stuff, instead of creating yes/no lists with all kinds of restrictions. Like other other Healthy Glow Guides, we focus on intuitive eating instead of following a strict calorie count. We want to encourage you to fill your plate with foods that will help you go from feeling good to feeling great. 

What Do You Get?

So, you’re probably wondering, what will I get when I purchase HGG Reset?

  • You’ll receive over 60 brand new, Reset-exclusive recipes, which means they’ve been specifically formulated to meet our program guideline.
  • We’ve included grocery shopping lists for each of the four weeks.
  • There’s a full meal prep guide that includes only a few hours of prepping two times per week (Sundays and Wednesdays) to ensure you’re ready to enjoy each week’s worth of healthy eats.
  • We’re also asking you to set an intention at the beginning of each week and reflect on the week when it’s done through our new journal pages because we believe that a reset is about so much more than food! It’s about your mind and body, too.

Most Importantly…

The HGG Reset will empower you to learn how to prepare wholesome, nourishing foods at home that your body will start to crave. This is what “Reset” means to us! It’s about enjoying uncomplicated, delicious recipes that honor your body’s nutritional needs, while also satisfying your taste and hunger cues. By the end of this program, you’ll feel more comfortable in the kitchen, and be enjoying a new way of eating that can help lay the foundation of feeling your best for a long time to come!

Buy Now!

Ready to join us for our 4-week HGG Reset alongside a supportive community and a fresh start to 2018? We’re offering $10 OFF until Sunday, January 7th using code RESET10 at checkout! Grab the program here.

One last thing! Monique and Lee are hosting a FREE Webinar on Sunday, January 7th and 8 PM CST. They will be talking all about how their wellness journeys and how they healed their relationship with food and fitness. They’ll also be answering reader questions about wellness and the HGG Reset! Reserve your spot now for FREE here. 

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