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Introducing the HGG STRONG Fitness Plan!

by Healthy Glow Co.

We have talked with hundreds of women since launching our original Healthy Glow Guide in January, asking them what they’re looking for in a workout plan. Time and time again, we hear that you want 1) more variety 2) an easy-to-follow schedule and 3) results. We pulled all of this together to create our brand new HGG STRONG fitness program!


We partnered with Chicago-based personal trainer, Kathryn Morgan, to design an interesting and diverse plan that will keep your body guessing! Kathryn specializes in functional training and motivational movement with an emphasis on strength, stretching and feeling good. Compared to other popular workout programs out there, our varied formats ensure you’ll never get bored.

HGG STRONG is appropriate for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers. We’ve included written descriptions, photo and video demonstrations of every move so you can perform each workout properly and with good form, no matter the difficulty level you’re seeking.

Contrary to popular belief, lifting does not make you bulky. In fact, resistance training is responsible for the lean muscle so many of us crave! With 18 brand new workouts, there’s no limit to your HGG STRONG experience. Simply choose one workout per category (Upper Body/Lower Body/Cardio + Core) per week or follow our ready-to-use 3 and 5-day per week calendars.

HGG STRONG is the perfect plan for anyone who is ready for a change and is seeking expert guidance!

What’s Included for $59:

  • Full 6 weeks of programming with 18 brand new workouts designed by a personal trainer
  • Balanced strength and cardio focus with varied formats so you never get bored
  • Targeted total body exercises that can be completed in 45 minutes or less, designed to hit your upper body, lower body and core
  • Modifications for both beginner and advanced participants
  • Written descriptions, photo and video demonstrations of every move
  • Customizable experience or easy-to-follow 3 and 5-day a week schedules so you always know what’s next
  • Tons of new challenges (faster time, heavier weight, advanced modifications) to extend the program beyond 6 weeks
  • Dedicated fitness community

With our program, you’ll feel leaner and stronger in both mind and body in just 6 weeks. We’ve even included a pre- and post-test so you can assess your results over the course of the plan. Plus, there are tons of ways to create new challenges (faster time, heavier weight, advanced modifications) so you can complete our HGG STRONG program multiple times to improve your physical fitness.

Plus, get a FREE pre- and post-workout snack guide with 10 take-anywhere recipes when you buy our HGG STRONG program by October 1, 2017.

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