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Workouts - Full Body

Join Us! FREE 7-Day Total Body Bootcamp with Lorissa’s Kitchen

by Healthy Glow Co.

This challenge is sponsored by Lorissa’s Kitchen. All opinions are our own!

We love summer for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it encourages us to get creative with our fitness routines. We’re outside more, we walk more and we travel more. “Working out” often looks a lot different for us this time of year and we’re totally ok with that!


But come August/September, work and life slow down and we look forward to getting back into a consistent routine. This year, we’re inviting you to jumpstart fall and join us for a completely FREE Total Body Bootcamp that we created with our brand partner, Lorissa’s Kitchen, one of our favorite foods to fuel and refuel our active lifestyle whether in the studio, walking the lake or crushing one of our #healthyglowguide workouts at home.

This one-week challenge will completely energize you and work your body from head to toe!

We’ve put together four brand new exclusive workouts for this challenge so no day will ever be the same. Plus, we’ve offered suggestions for things to do on your days off so you’re staying active but with more flexibility based on your schedule, interests or even how you’re feeling in the moment. We know that strength is gained in the recovery process so while this is a week-long challenge, we don’t encourage you to “go hard” every single day and wear yourself out. This schedule will be plenty for you to make movement a habit without overworking your body! And having prep-free protein snacks like Lorissa’s Kitchen on hand will make fitting in your fitness even easier any day of the week.


Simply enter your name and email address to get the free Total Body Bootcamp PDF!

What’s even more fun about this free challenge is that it’s a preview of what’s to come with the new 6-week fitness plan we’ll be launching in September! We’ve totally changed up the workouts and partnered with personal trainer @kathrynmorganfitness to create something new and exciting. Since she also developed the Total Body Bootcamp workouts, you’ll be able to give it a test drive and let us know if you like what you see!

As always, what’s a good challenge without an incentive? If you tag your Instagram posts with #HGCBOOTCAMP and #LKeveryday from August 14th-August 20th you’ll be entered to win your very own copy of our brand new fitness plan before anyone else can buy it! What better reason to work up a sweat?!

Don’t forget, you’ll want to grab your copy of the PDF here so you can take your workouts with you. 

And keep an eye on our social media accounts as we’ll be sharing fun follow-along videos of each of our 4 new workouts all week long!

Join Healthy Glow Co. for a FREE Total Body Bootcamp. This one-week challenge will completely energize you and work your body from head to toe!

P.S. We love Lorissa’s Kitchen SO much that they’ll be providing our post-hike fuel at our first-ever wellness retreat next month. Are you coming?

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