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How to Create Self-Care Detox Bath Ritual + a soul soothing playlist

by Monique Volz

Carve out a little time for yourself, grab a good book, fill up the tub with one of these fabulous detox bath recipes & practice a little self care.

Since I was little, I’ve loved taking baths. I remember putting in a cassette tape and jamming out to Mariah Carey’s Hero on repeat while the bath filled with a ridiculous amount of bubbles.

For me, bath time has always been a form of self care; whether I was soaking my muscles after a tough workout or soothing your soul during a hard day; a warm bath was always the best way to relax in my own little peaceful sanctuary.

Why create a self care ritual?

Creating a self care ritual is one of the best things you can do to find balance in your life.┬áIt creates a habit and helps you to carve out time to experience your emotions and reflect. And remember there’s nothing wrong with carving out a little you time, especially if it’s something you haven’t done in a while.

We all know life gets busy, but you forget to practice self care every now and then, you’ll get burnt out. Your relationships, mind and body will end up suffering, and ultimately you won’t feel like your best self.

How to take a detox bath to create mindfulness & reflection

A 20 minute soak is inexpensive way to create mindfulness and bring a little balance to your life. Putting this ritual into your weekly schedule will not only give you some time alone for reflection but also create a safe space for emotions. Time to treat yourself!

Here’s our recommendation:

  1. First draw a warm bath.
  2. Apply a face mask. Lately we’ve been loving this rose clay face mask.
  3. While the bath is running, light candles and/or burn incense. Pick a scent that speaks to you.
  4. Next, pick an essential oil and add it to your bath. Our top picks are lavender, sandalwood and peppermint. You’ll only need a few drops of them in your bath (about 5-6 drops total). Lavender is calming, sandalwood is for those who worry and peppermint is for energy (or great if you have a cold).
  5. Add 1/4 cup virgin coconut oil into the bath. It’s a wonderful scent, great for your skin and hydrating.
  6. Finally, pick a salt to relax in and add 1 cup to the bath. It can be dead sea salt or epsom salt, but overall try to avoid heavily perfumed salts. Epsom salts are great for when you need to relax as they contain magnesium and sulfate. These are wonderful for the body and has been used for hundreds of years for aches and pains. We’re also seriously crushing on this rose salt soak!
  7. Optional: Add 1/4 cup baking soda to your bath. YES baking soda! It will make your skin smooth and help to detox the body.
  8. Now you are ready to relax. Get into the bath, read a book or listen to a playlist you’re loving, or take time to just be with yourself without any distractions (including pets).

A soothing playlist when you need to relax

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a good playlist to listen to while you take your soak, try out our soul soothing playlist on Spotify.

Enjoy your self care. xoxo!

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