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Join us for 4 Weeks of Feel Good Inspiration and Action in the #GlowGoodChallenge

by Katie Proctor

If you’ve been following us on social media, then you know we’ve been teasing a big surprise and a brand new challenge!

Well, we’re finally ready to reveal what we’ve been working on: the 4-week #glowgoodchallenge starts THIS Sunday, April 9th in partnership with Blue Diamond Almonds.

When we co-founded Healthy Glow Co., we knew we wanted the #HGCcommunity to be different. While it’s important to us to continue providing inspiring content and delicious recipes, we want to encourage you to take action in your own life to move you closer to a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle that’s ultimately defined by you!

After closing out the first 6 weeks of the Healthy Glow Guide, we’re ready to keep the momentum going with 29 days of prompts that will motivate you to make meaningful small changes in your everyday activities.

Our goal is to help you feel good from the inside out, so we’ll be tackling topics related to mind, body and relationships and building new habits along the way.

We believe that small shifts add up to big results, and that incorporating new behaviors can be a catalyst for positive change in other areas of your life. That’s exactly why Blue Diamond Almonds’ “Get Your Good Going” message served as the perfect inspiration for our 4 core challenge themes.

Get Goal-Oriented – goal setting helps you visualize where you are and where you want to be. It’s also key to establishing new habits! These daily prompts will help keep you focused and organized.

Get Your Day Going – it’s no secret that your mornings can either set you up for success or leave you feeling frazzled. These daily prompts will give you stability and satisfaction in your morning routine.

Get Active – in true Healthy Glow Co. fashion, we’ll be encouraging you to move and fuel your body in ways that feel good. These daily prompts will be fun and energizing.

Get Connected – being present and building relationships (with ourselves and others) are important for our mental wellbeing. These daily prompts will encourage you to feel more grounded and connected to those around you.

Each day, we’ll be posting a prompt on Instagram (be sure to follow us here!) and asking you to share right alongside us using the hashtag #glowgoodchallenge and #giveaway. Use the challenge calendar above as a reminder to check in daily! Each word captures the spirit of the daily challenge, and you can use it simply as a photo prompt or as encouragement to complete the call to action we’ll be including with our Instagram posts.

And, there’s a big reason we want you to show up and engage with us in the daily challenges…

We’ll be following the #glowgoodchallenge hashtag and each time it’s used in conjunction with a daily photo prompt or challenge activity, you will earn an entry to receive one free ticket to an upcoming 2-day retreat we have planned in Colorado towards the end of the summer.

We’re limiting this event to a super tight-knit group to keep the community vibe going and though we aren’t quite ready to release the agenda yet, trust us when we say there will be plenty of laughs, eating/cooking together and enjoying outdoor activities in the beautiful sunshine! We will be choosing ONE lucky winner from this challenge to join us!

*Please note you must also be following @healthyglow.co, @bluediamond, @ambitiouskitchen and @fitfoodiefinds on Instagram to be considered.

Alright, are you as excited as we are?!

Stay tuned for the first challenge post on Sunday, when we’ll be sharing a pretty amazing new meal prep recipe to kick things off. In the meantime, you can join our private Facebook group to keep the conversation going!

And if you want to plan ahead, here’s a rundown of the upcoming challenges:

Week 1

  • Goals – Set an intention for the challenge e.g. 1-2 hours of meal prep with a new make ahead recipe we’ll be sharing on the blog.
  • Sleep – Ditch the snooze button and wake up on time or 15 minutes earlier.
  • Plank – Try one of the plank variations we’ll be sharing on the blog.
  • Self-Love Selfie – Snap a pic and share 3 things you love about yourself.
  • Hydrate – Carry your water bottle with you all day and drink up.
  • DIY – Tackle a project you’ve been saving for the weekend.
  • Walk – Go for a walk & talk to catch up with a friend.

Week 2

  • Dessert – Treat yourself, like trying four different spins we’ll be sharing on chocolate-dipped fruit.
  • Story – Share behind-the-scenes of your own wellness journey.
  • Routine – Tell us your wake-up beverage of choice, and try our new green smoothie recipe we’ll be sharing on the blog.
  • Rep Challenge – Pick your favorite bodyweight workout and max out your reps.
  • Glow – Connect with your inner and outer “glow” with a new DIY face mask we’ll be sharing on the blog.
  • Stretch – Get outside your comfort zone.
  • Read – Read a few pages of a favorite book or magazine.

Week 3

  • Fuel – Fuel up pre-workout with 4 new versions of Energy Bites we’ll be sharing on the blog.
  • Write – Pen a handwritten letter to someone you love.
  • Learn – Share what you’ve learned from a failure in your life.
  • Playlist – Listen to your favorite song and rejuvenate with a new playlist we’ll be sharing.
  • Flex – Check out our 2-Day #healthyglowguide preview and flex your muscles!
  • Play – Reconnect with your inner child.
  • Dream – Share a big dream or vision for your life that motivates you.

Week 4

  • Breakfast – Start your day with a good meal, including 4 new overnight oats recipes we’ll be sharing on the blog.
  • Shoes – Snap a photo of your favorite shoes and why you love ’em.
  • Gratitude – Make a gratitude list.
  • Declutter – Pick out 5 things you no longer need and donate.
  • Confidence – Put on an outfit that makes you feel amazing.
  • Partner – Grab a friend and try one of the partner workouts we’ll be sharing on the blog.
  • Unplug – Disconnect from your phone and be present.
  • Celebrate – Check in with your original goal/intention and celebrate new habits!

share with us!

Don’t forget to tag your posts on social media with the hashtag #healthyglowco. We’d love to see what you’re up to!


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  1. Winter was brutal! I am ready to take on SPRING WITH VIGOR! LET’S DO THIS NOW!

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