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Glow Girl Feature: Emilie Hebert

by Katie Proctor

This week’s Glow Girl is Emilie Hebert, a student, registered dietitian-to-be and healthy living blogger at Emilie Eats.

Emilie has always loved healthy food and staying active, but had lots of ups and downs along the way with disordered eating and negative body image. After finally reaching out for help, she’s just focusing on fueling her body with foods that she loves and that love her back, and moving in a way that feels good.

Her overall health and wellness philosophy is to be gentle with yourself. When you are gentle with yourself, what you are craving, how you are feeling, and the expectations & standards you feel like you have to meet, you are then more gentle in other areas of your life, like your relationships. You can be more understanding and forgiving of others when you understand yourself!

In three words: ambitious, open-minded, fun-loving

Favorite way to stay active: Group fitness classes and walking outside

On repeat: anything upbeat by Ellie Goulding

Favorite way to relax and unwind: Turn on an essential oil diffuser, curl up with a warm cup of tea, and snuggle with her cat Leo while watching Hulu

Best thing she’s read or listened to lately: The Food Psych podcast talks about intuitive eating and how to stop obsessing over food/weight, which has helped me in my own journey.

Favorite #healthyglowguide recipe: The Maple Walnut Granola is one of the best granola recipes ever made! It was so simple to make, crunchy and the ingredients are stellar.

Her best advice? Your weight does not define your worth. She loves that the #HGCcommunity promotes a non-judgmental, relaxed approach to health that makes her feel right at home.

In her own words: “Monique and Lee really focus on how the women in their community FEEL rather than losing X amount of pounds or looking a certain way. It’s awesome to be a part of a group that is always encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring.”

You can keep up with Emilie on Instagram at @emilieeats, and don’t forget to apply to be featured next!


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