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The Healthy Glow Collective is a community and resource that encourages women to live a healthier, vibrant lifestyle and glow from the inside out.
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We help women like you develop a trusting relationship with your body and find joy in food and fitness by encouraging a balanced approach free from guilt or restriction.

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No more guesswork, just great-tasting food and challenging workouts at your fingertips with a variety of balanced fitness and meal plans.

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Our community of women is already thriving and connecting over shared experiences in our free Facebook Group. All that’s missing is you!

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"Prior to joining this community, my approach to health and fitness was pretty extreme. I found myself following strict diets and overexercising because I thought that's what I needed to do. I immediately connected with Lee and Monique through their writing and I knew they could help me find more balance and freedom in my lifestyle. I can honestly say I'm happier now that I don't spend hours at the gym or in the kitchen to achieve my health goals."

- Molly K., Minneapolis, MN

“I have gone through years of dieting, binge eating and simply not feeling my best. Working with Monique and Lee has totally shifted my perspective on food, nutrition and working out for the right reasons. Their programs are actually enjoyable and well organized. Everything is laid out so all you have to do is show up! I'm so thankful to this community for inspiring me to change and maintain a healthier lifestyle, and I haven't looked back since."

- Susie G., Cornwall, ON

"I always have good intentions to plan out my weekly meals and workouts, but between school, work and a social life it doesn't always happen. I'm so grateful for the programs Monique and Lee have created for girls like me who are busy but still want to prioritize good food and fitness. Plus, this community is so supportive in helping you set realistic goals and stay accountable to them."

- Amanda N., Minneapolis, MN
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The single best strategy we use to save time, money and make sure we have good food on hand is meal prep.

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